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The Most Beautiful Love Quotes
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Alena Johnston
In ‘Funny Girl’
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accidentally woke up at 4 but i watched the sunrise
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Formally known as the Hinatuan River, the Enchanted River is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Surigao del Sur and the rest of Mindanao. This beautiful river is said to be wrapped in mystery and supernatural events so that it gained renown as being enchanted. There are several unexplained mysteries and features that this stunning river has to offer to keep you guessing.The Enchanted River got its name from the many mysteries that surround its stunning beauty. Some fishermen tell about encounters with fish species they have never seen before yet could not be caught no matter what method or net they use. There are also tales of traps laid in the waters only to be found tangled above the ground the following day. As the clock hits noon, the Hinatuan Hymn is played over loud speakers. Like an ancient ritual, people who are swimming immediately paddle back to land while the fish assemble near the riverbank.

located in the Philippines x
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Purple on my eyes

Oh my god ya I’m gunna have my sis do this on me

i love this so much omg
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